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Memories of Lynne

If you have memories of Lynne or a tribute you would like to share, please contact us.

From: Dan Fretwell

Lynne was a vibrant member of the Number Theory community, working on interesting problems concerning quadratic forms and theta series. She was also a highly encouraging person, in particular an active supporter of equality and diversity in Mathematics.

I first met Lynne at one of her highly successful Building Bridges events here in Bristol. As a PhD student she gave me the opportunity to speak in one of the prime time slots, and gave me far much more time to speak than I probably deserved. Years later she told me that she remembered thinking, “Who is this Dan Fretwell guy? He sounds cool, let’s give him a chance!”. She did and we always remembered that talk…mainly for my ability to make someone vomit halfway through. This was a running joke and since then I’ve tried to only give short talks…

Since meeting Lynne we instantly became the best of friends. She has been a constant support to me as well as an amazing colleague and collaborator. We organised local seminars together (Heilbronn seminar), as well as study groups and events (Automorphics Anonymous!).

From: Jess Jay

Lynne was a truly amazing woman, a brilliant mathematician and a wonderful friend.

Her passion for teaching and work towards equality in the Maths community is inspiring. As an undergraduate student Lynne taught me the foundations of higher-level mathematics; she put so much effort into making all her lectures entertaining and understandable. As a postgraduate student Lynne became a true friend; we bonded of similar past experiences and being able to talk with her about this was a huge comfort.

I will always remember Lynne as the fun-loving woman she was and as the person who would fight for others and what she believed in. I have many fond memories of nights out with Lynne and others; making up silly answers together at the pub quiz, playing Coup (Lynne always bluffing about not knowing the rules and then winning) and nights spent with Lynne, Dan and Thomas playing shuffleboard until the early hours of the morning. Lynne was always the life of the party and I, like many others, will miss her.

You will always be in our hearts Lynne.

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